Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Indigenous Organizations

Issued January 17, 2020
Response Due Date: 5:00 pm EST on February 17, 2020

An expansion of the Unit 1 redfish fishery is expected over the next few years. Effectively managed, this fishery is expected to be economically viable and sustainable for decades to come. This fishery traditionally takes place inside the Gulf of St. Lawrence (4RST), extending to the outside approaches to the Gulf in the fall/winter (3Pn and 4Vn).

The Atlantic Groundfish Council (AGC) represents the >100’ (offshore) groundfish sector in Atlantic Canada. License holders in this sector have the largest percentage share of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of this stock (74%). Several AGC members already enjoy constructive, bilateral business relationships with Atlantic Indigenous organizations. AGC and its member companies are seeking innovative ways to create/expand commercial relationships with Indigenous organizations (bands, community fisheries enterprises, etc.) that are located in proximity to the Unit 1 redfish stock.

As an initial step, the Atlantic Groundfish Council is issuing this invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to determine the level and nature of interest among local indigenous organizations in participating in this redfish fishery. As such, this invitation is not an offer. It is a request for respondents to indicate their interest in possibly participating in a cooperative or partnering arrangement in this Redfish fishery. Nothing in this Invitation, or responses to it, is to be construed as creating any commitment between AGC and any respondent.

Potential Scenarios for Cooperative or Partnering Arrangements

Scenario A: Sale of Quota
Under this approach, a portion(s) of the >100’ quota percentage shares of Unit 1 Redfish quotas, including Atlantic-wide >100’ fishing licenses, could be made available for new entrants within the >100’ groundfish sector, by way of sale to enterprises controlled by Indigenous organizations that are located in proximity to the Unit 1 Redfish management area.

Scenario B: A New Partnership Enterprise
Under this approach, a portion of the >100’ quota percentage shares of Unit 1 Redfish could be made available for a newly created partnership enterprise or company within the >100’ groundfish sector, involving a number of Indigenous organizations and the AGC and/or >100’ (offshore) Enterprise Allocation holders.

Other Scenarios
An Indigenous organization may have other ideas for potential cooperative or partnering arrangements with AGC and/or its members. If so, AGC is interested in receiving these ideas and suggestions in the submitted Expression of Interest (EOI).


Interested parties are requested to submit their response to this EOI in writing to the following:
Mr. Bruce Chapman, President, Atlantic Groundfish Council
e-mail: [email protected]

Responses to this EOI should include the following information:

1. Respondent information
The name of the Indigenous organization that is responding to the Invitation – including a key contact designated for follow up by AGC (title, phone number and e-mail). Please indicate whether a Band Council Resolution (BCR) or, a similar instrument has been obtained to support their response to this Invitation. If obtained, please attach.

2. Description of current fishery operations (if any)
It is not a prerequisite that the Indigenous organization already be involved in the fishery. However, to the extent they may be, the respondent is requested to describe:

  • the number, type and size (length) of existing vessels owned/operated by your organization, including the existing number of vessels that could harvest redfish if quota is made available from the offshore sector
  • areas and species fished, including history/description of fishery activity the organization has had or currently has in the same area as the Unit 1 redfish fishery
  • current fishing quotas held and fished by the organization
  • current fishing quotas held by the organization but fished by others
  • number of Indigenous employees involved in the organization’s fishery
  • length of time the organization has been operating in the fishery
  • whether the organization has processing capability and/or plans to expand into this activity
  • whether the organization has existing partnerships with AGC members and, if so, the nature of these partnerships and the length of time they have been in place
  • the organization’s fishery diversification efforts to date, or planned, including aquaculture, marine services or other areas
  • the organization’s strategy / goals within the fisheries generally

3. Respondent’s objectives for their participation in the Unit 1 Redfish fishery
The respondent is requested to detail its objectives for participation in this fishery.

4. Respondent’s specific interest in a potential cooperative or partnering arrangement in the Unit 1 Redfish fishery
The respondent is requested to provide information on the type and nature of benefits it would seek to achieve through a potential arrangement in this fishery, including employment, current or eventual acquisition of vessels, expansion of revenues, etc.

5. Respondent’s ideas and suggestions on potential partnership arrangements with AGC in the Unit 1 Redfish fishery
The respondent is requested to identify the preferred approach to potential cooperative or partnering arrangements with the AGC. This may include a preference for separate bi-lateral arrangement(s) between the individual organization and AGC, or a preference for an approach involving several Indigenous organizations coming together to pursue arrangements on a collective commercial basis. The organization is requested to indicate what capacity building activities they might envisage as a result of any arrangement with AGC and its member companies. The organization is invited to provide details, at a high-level, of previous partnership approaches that have been effective in building their fishery and the features that contributed to that

6. Respondent interest in having a follow-up meeting with AGC to further discuss this opportunity
The respondent is requested to indicate whether it would like to have AGC reach out for further discussions with their organization and, if so, provide a key contact and contact information.

Conditions Respecting Responses to this Invitation

  • Responses to this Invitation should be provided to AGC by 5:00 pm EST on February 17, 2020. Responses received after this date may not be considered.
  • Note that this is not a tender process, nor a request for proposal, but is an inquiry by AGC in relation to the Unit 1 Redfish quota shares held by the >100’ (offshore) sector, and the potential interest of Indigenous organizations in participating in an expanded Unit 1 Redfish fishery through a cooperative arrangement with AGC and/or >100’ (offshore) license holders.
  • It is the responsibility of the respondent to:
    o ensure that all relevant information is provided; and
    o ensure that their response complies with all requirements of this invitation and is accurate and complete;
  • The content of responses received will be treated as confidential by AGC.
  • After evaluating responses received, AGC may:
    o conduct a subsequent process to discuss potential opportunities with one or more respondents; or
    o decide not to proceed further with the EOI process or any other related process respecting this opportunity;
  • Notwithstanding anything else in this Invitation, AGC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion at any time, to vary or extend any time or date specified in this Invitation for all or any respondents.