BACKGROUNDER – Association of Seafood Producers-Atlantic Groundfish Council Fisheries Improvement Project

Fishery Improvement Projects When a fish population is not at a level where it can be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) provide a clear workplan that leads to the development and implementation of a more sustainable fishery. In some cases, this work may include achieving better population […]

Atlantic Groundfish Council proposes a simple, predictable and patient approach to Northern Cod catch limits

(April 11, 2019 – St. John’s, NL) – This week, the Atlantic Groundfish Council submitted a proposal for the Northern Cod (2J3KL) Stewardship Fishery that would provide predictability for fishery participants and signal to world markets that Canada is committed to the sustainable recovery of the iconic stock. In past years when assessments predicted modest […]

Atlantic Groundfish Council emphasizes the need for patience following the 2019 Northern Cod stock assessment

(April 2, 2019 – St. John’s, NL) – The industry group that represents year-round groundfish harvesters across Atlantic Canada is encouraged by the recent Northern Cod (2J3KL) stock assessment update from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). “The Atlantic Groundfish Council has a maintained an unwavering commitment to the return of a strong and […]

DFO decision on south coast cod fishery is consistent with principles of sustainable fisheries resource management and protects market access

(January 11, 2018 – St. John’s, NL) – Today, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced the closure of the 3Ps cod fishery (off the South Coast of Newfoundland) to the inshore fleet for the 2018-2019 season. The inshore sector has landed over 99% of its allocated catch and is expected to reach its […]

Industry Association unveils new name, brand, echoing commitment to the future of the fishery in Atlantic Canada

Today, on the eve of its biannual meeting, the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council (GEAC) unveiled its new name, the Atlantic Groundfish Council®. The rebrand includes a new website and tagline Responsibly Harvesting for Tomorrow, emphasizing the association’s commitment to a balanced, sustainable groundfish industry that puts the responsible management of the resource first and foremost. […]

Backgrounder: Important facts on spawning and “pre-spawning aggregations”

Accusations that our sector fishes during the spawning season have been verified to be completely false by DFO. In DFO’s stock assessment of NAFO subdivision 3Ps cod, page 4 of each document clearly identifies spawning season as late March to early June. This fishery is open to all sectors through February. (See and […]

DFO’s approach to area closures risks amplifying negative impacts on fishing industry

GEAC seeks solutions that minimize affect on fishing industry St. John’s – The Government of Canada is working towards an international commitment to protect 10% of its marine areas by 2020. The Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council (GEAC), which represents large-vessel groundfish harvesters in Atlantic Canada, understands and accepts that commitment.  GEAC, along with other industry groups, […]

BACKGROUNDER – A Comparison of Icelandic Cod and Northern Cod Considers All Removals

The left graph compares the fishery mortality (or TAC- total allowable catch) to Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB) in NL vs Iceland. However, it excludes natural mortality of each stock, which significantly changes the health of the stock and consequently, the acceptable fishery removals. Natural mortality for Northern Cod is much higher than that of Icelandic […]