OPINION: Cod fishery revival offers a resurgence of hope

(as originally published by The Hill Times July 15, 2024, located here) Despite seeking a bigger allowable catch, The Atlantic Groundfish Council respects the minister’s decision to take a small, cautious step to a commercial fishery. It makes sense that in the country with the longest coastline in the world, fish and seafood are among […]

OPINION: Put the cod fishery focus on science, sustainability, and facts

(as originally published by Saltwire July 10, 2024, located here) The 1992 cod moratorium announcement remains a vivid memory for many, me included, as someone who grew up on the Northern Peninsula during the period leading up to the closure. The cod moratorium changed the trajectory of families and communities, haunting many ever since. It is understandable, […]

OPINION: Atlantic Groundfish Council has plenty of guidance to offer as redfish fishery reopens

(as originally published by Saltwire Network February 15, 2024, located here) The rebounded redfish stock in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Gulf) presents real opportunity for people and communities throughout Atlantic Canada and Quebec. But in a highly competitive global market, industry needs to be equal parts realistic about the opportunity and focused on achieving it, […]

Existing Atlantic Sharing Arrangement not only represents historical attachment to Unit 1 Redfish, but it encouraged big investments

(Article first appeared as Commentary in Navigator Magazine) In order to properly manage any fishery, you must be able to assess how many fish there are and how many fish can be removed sustainably. You must also have the ability to measure the impact of those removals and adjust accordingly. Although the assessment part is […]

Despite Punching Above its Weight, Canada’s Fish and Seafood Sector has an Opportunity for Growth in Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy

(Article first appeared as Guest Column in the Navigator Magazine) Over the last six months, the fishing industry has been seized by the announcement and supporting consultation on the development of Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy. Roundtables have been held, papers have been produced, and the seafood sector enthusiastically participated, providing the Minister with their perspectives […]

Unit 1 and 2 Redfish: Making the Most of the Future

Units 1 and 2 Redfish is a good news story.  As recently as 2010, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) recommended the species in this stock be listed as endangered and threatened.  Fortunately, favorable environmental conditions from 2011 to 2013 allowed extraordinary recruitment.  With millions of tonnes of mostly juvenile […]

Northern Cod: Focusing on Facts and Science to Protect the Future

In March, word of a single-year 30% decline in Northern Cod attracted the attention of media, scientists and environmental groups from around the globe.  The world was clearly watching Canada’s management of this stock. It was quite telling to see how various stakeholders responded. From a scientific perspective, I was disappointed but not surprised with […]

Missing the Mark on NL South Coast Cod

A new year provides an opportunity for all participants in the fisheries to take stock of its successes and failures. One area that needs reflection from industry as a whole is the cod resource off the South Coast of Newfoundland in 3Ps. The state of this stock is no surprise to anyone. Science representatives from […]