Statement from the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers and the Atlantic Groundfish Council on their response to the evolving COVID-19 situation

“Our members have proactively prepared for the impact of COVID-19 for all aspects of their operations including the vessels, and plants and offices through to market distribution. They want to ensure that employees are protected and healthy, applying screening protocols, restricting access to only employees and essential contractors, and preparing to implement emergency response plans. We are relying on advice from Public Health Authorities and privately contracted remote worksite health services. Our members are working to mitigate the risks to their employees and families, and those of essential contractors, through the implementation of measures recommended by health care professionals. We will continue to monitor and encourage a responsible and diligent response to this changing landscape while considering the essential nature of our sector to sustainable food production in Canada.”  Bruce Chapman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Prawn Producers

“Our members care deeply about the impact of COVID-19 on their employees and partners in the industry. They are implementing thorough prevention and preparation measures. They understand the situation is rapidly evolving and continue to tune their responses according to the latest recommendations from the health care community. Working collaboratively, our members are sharing best practices, including screening protocols to ensure their crews, workers and families are safe.  We must all continue to be vigilant, nimble and adaptive to restrict the impact of COVID-19 on both Canadians at large and to the critical and essential food production represented by the wild-fishing industry in Atlantic Canada.” – Kris Vascotto, Executive Director, Atlantic Groundfish Council